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Full Body Intelligent Massage chair
- Jan 18, 2019 -

Nowadays, the pace of life has become faster and faster. daily works and family-related challenges leave us no time to relax. However, it is very important to stay physically and mentally relaxed every day. So how can we do?  One of the ideal ways to achieve your goals is to have a massage chair. 


 Full Body Intelligent Massage Chair FY-8100

1.L-track long running: from head to waist and thigh, rolling shiatsu movement massage 

2.2D mechanism: kneading, knocking, finger pressing, kneading and knocking, rolling 

   3D mechanism: extending, kneading, knocking, finger pressing, kneading  and knocking, tapping, rolling

3.Zero gravity: backward sliding 155 degree, human body relex naturally

4.Legs angle auto adjust: according to sit angle, auto adjust

5.Auto extend to the suitable legs length and angle 

6.Foot bottom rolling massage

7. Air pressure bags massage: shoulder, hip, hand, legs and foot

8. Heating theraphy: waist, foot position

9. Bluetooth music, sound surround system


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